• InsightRO Free Private Ragnarok Server
  • InsightRO Free Private Ragnarok Server
  • InsightRO Free Private Ragnarok Server
  • InsightRO Free Private Ragnarok Server

Welcome to InsightRO

InsightRO is a pre-renewal Ragnarok private server. Max level: 99/70 with 100x100x50x rates. We offer a fun and exciting classic Ragnarok experience with lots of freebies, events and a well-balanced class system

So, what are you waiting for? Come and Join Us!

News & Updates

Update Update 05-10-2020October 05, 2020


  • Optimized Daily Quest NPC
  • Added New Daily Quest: The Rescue
  • Added Tournament Arena Instance - NPC can be found on the left center side of prontera.
  • Added New Item etc. Insight-P Ticket
  • Enabled Autoloot on Homunculus
  • Disable Autoloot function when player is idle for 10 minutes.
  • Card Exchanger NPC: Increase required cards to exchange.
UpdateServer Back Online! Emergency MaintenanceSeptember 23, 2020


  • Removed items bonus of costume items completely.
  • Removed "Costume Beginner Cap" in all characters.
  • Added new item "Beginner Cap".
  • Added new item "Pickaxe" for mining.
  • Added item description for "Father's White Moustache".
News300% EXP BoostSeptember 21, 2020

EXP BOOST: 300x for both Base and Job EXP!!

Ends in: September 30, 2020

NewsOfficial LaunchSeptember 17, 2020

After 2 weeks of bug fixing and improving gameplay! InsightRO will have its Official Launch this Sept. 20, 2020.

We like to thank all the OBT players that helped us and have shared their valuable thoughts and suggestions about the server. We really appreciated your support.

Base Experience BOOST! ~ EXP + 300%.
Job Experience BOOST! ~ EXP + 300%.
Free 100 InsightRO Coins. ( per account ).
Free 5 Battle Manual. ( char bound )
Free 5 Bubble Gum. ( char bound )
7 Days Boarding Halter. ( rental )

GuideHow to redeem your new player freebiesSeptember 09, 2020

How to redeem you new player freebies

If you're a new player and wondering where to get your freebie..

Check it here.

InsightRO: How to redeem your Freebies!!

InsightRO: How to redeem your Freebies!!

Always check your mail.

We will use this feat., for sending out event rewards in the future.

Best Regards,

NewsOpen Beta Sept. 4 2020September 01, 2020

Greetings Everyone,

We would like to announce that InsightRO will have our OBT phase this coming Sept 4, 2020.

Pre-register now to receive some Freebies!

NewsPre-registration Now Available!August 18, 2020

InsightRO is now open for pre-registration. We are inviting every Ragnarok Online players to come and join!

When the OBT starts, pre-registered accounts will receive a Pre-register Gift reward! Come and join us!